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What sand making equipment does a sand making plant need? How much does a complete set of sand makin


The sand making plant is an important base for sand and gravel production, providing essential raw materials for the construction, road and engineering fields. To ensure the efficient operation of the sand making plant, it is crucial to properly select and configure the necessary equipment. So what sand making equipment are needed to open a sand making plant? How much does a complete set of sand making equipment cost? Here are the answers for you:

What sand making equipment does a sand making plant need?
1 Pre-crushing equipment before sand making
Crushing equipment is equipment used to crush and process different materials. It is the primary equipment in the artificial sand production line. Different materials require different crushing equipment for processing. Generally, jaw crushers are usually used as primary crushing equipment to break large materials into small pieces, which are then further crushed by impact crushers or cone crushers. For soft rock materials, impact crushers are generally used for processing, while for hard rock materials, cone crushers are used.
2 sand making machine
The sand making machine is the core of the entire production process, which determines the quality of sand and gravel. The crushed materials will enter the sand making machine, which will finely crush and shape the materials to make the grain shape more reasonable and the particle size more uniform.
3Sand washing machine
Sand washing machine is mainly used to clean impurities and mud in sand and gravel to improve the quality of sand and gravel. Through the application of sand washing equipment, clean and qualified sand and gravel products can be obtained.
In addition to the above-mentioned core equipment, the sand making plant also needs to be equipped with some auxiliary equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the entire production line. For example, the feeder is used to evenly supply raw stone to the crushing equipment, the dust removal equipment is used to deal with the dust generated during the crushing process, and the sand and gravel production line with a vibrating screen on the conveyor also needs to be equipped with magnetic separation equipment to remove iron and other impurities.
How much does a complete set of sand making equipment cost?
First of all, the equipment configuration of the sand making production line is not static. Different equipment models can be selected according to different output, site, etc. Since the prices of different types of equipment are different, the price of the entire production line is naturally different. However, according to market conditions It seems that it generally requires hundreds of thousands or even millions, and tens of millions are also possible. If customers want to obtain a specific quotation, they can consult the manufacturer. The manufacturer will configure the appropriate sand making production line equipment model according to the customer's needs to obtain a specific quotation.
CFTC is a large-scale sand and gravel equipment manufacturer that can formulate reasonable sand-making production plans for you, provide equipment selection guidance, preferential quotations, and complete after-sales services to meet your different operating needs and make your investment more valuable. It’s worth it, and more details are available at the CFTC. Welcome to the factory for inspection and purchase.
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