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Roller Screen Feeder

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Feeding size:

Materials:work easily with adhesive, wet and large material.

Roller Screen Feeder Overview:

Roller Screen Feeder also named wobbler feeder Especially in case of difficult to screen, wet, sticky bulk materials this kind of feeding and scalping distinctly outclasses the traditional screening machines, which frequently Show baking and adhesions with these materials. The positive action of the rotating triangular bars causes material to tumble forward assuring separation of fines and a uniform feed rate. In heavy duty, high capacity applications, the Roller feeder is often fed from a heavy duty apron feeder.

Roller Screen Feeder Features:

The screening of the required fine materials and clays in the raw materials increases the production capacity of the crushing system, reduces the wear of the crusher, and the work becomes more reliable;
For full realizing the working efficiency, the feeding volume can be automatically adjusted according to the load of the crusher;
This machine is particularly applicable to screening large lump materials. The mud scraper is under the roller, so this machine is also fit for screening viscous materials.;
It can work without dust, nonvibrating and less noise
Lower power consumption
Low maintenance rate and cost.

Roller Screen Feeder Working Principle :

The Roller Screen Feeder consists of a frame, elliptical bars and a chain drive system used to rotate the bars. The bars are elliptical in shape and are timed at 90 degrees to the adjoining bar. The drive system connects all the bars with a double- or triple-strand chain that attaches to sprockets on each bar, maintaining the 90 degree timing. This maintains the gap, or opening, between the bars at the same dimension throughout the bar rotation. As material is moved from the feed end to the discharge end, the large lumps of material are forced up and down within the load, scrubbing against each other. This action forces any sticky material, such as clay, to be dislodged and enables it to pass through the openings between the bars. The rotation of the bars also moves the material from the feed end to the discharge end with continuous scrubbing the full distance.


Note: The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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