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Can stone be made into sand? What kind of professional sand making equipment is feasible?


Can sand be made from large rocks?
What stone sand making equipment can be used?
Which equipment is more suitable for sand making?
How much does it cost to purchase a set?
Which manufacturer is more suitable for investment?

Presumably, the above series of questions are the doubts that many users who are new to the sand and gravel aggregate industry want to solve. Taking this opportunity, CFTC will provide you with the following introduction to these questions, hoping to help you.
1. Can stones be made into sand?

The answer is yes. With professional sand making equipment, large stones can also be made into sand, and sand of different particle sizes can be produced according to the actual production needs of your sand and gravel field. High-quality machine-made sand aggregates can replace natural sand. It has become the main raw material supply for various infrastructure projects.
2. What kind of professional sand making equipment is feasible for stone sand making?

There are many types of mining equipment, including impact sand making machines, roller sand making machines, hammer sand making machines, stone sand making machines, mobile sand making machines and other types of sand making equipment that can process stones into sand. Various types of sand making equipment will differ in terms of production capacity, applicable materials, feed particle size, discharge particle size, etc., and the sand making effects achieved are also different. Which equipment to choose should be reasonably selected according to the actual needs of the user.
If you ask, among so many devices, which one is more professional? I will definitely recommend stone sand making equipment to you. This equipment is a new type of special equipment innovatively developed for the unique properties of large stones. It is highly targeted, has good sand making effect, excellent particle size of the finished product, and high production output, which can be continuously output. High-quality sand and gravel aggregates help sand and gravel yards earn profits.
3. How much does a stone sand making machine cost?

Because the actual production needs of different users are different, the required stone sand making machine models will also be different, so the equipment quotation is not a fixed value, and we cannot generalize here and give an irresponsible quotation. If you want to be specific Users who know the price of stone sand making machines can contact us to explain the current output, particle size and other requirements to obtain reasonable recommendations and accurate quotations, or directly come to the factory for inspection. CFTC looks forward to your arrival.
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