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How many tons per hour is the output of the 1145 impact crushing and sand shaping machine?


Attached are technical parameters and quotation

1145 impact crushing sand shaping machine, a model specification in the VSI impact sand making machine series, adopts the sand making principle of combining "stone on stone" and "stone on iron", making the finished product grain shape very good. , has a certain shaping effect, so many people call it a sand shaping machine. This article is mainly a brief introduction to the output, quotation and other related equipment model parameters of this 1145 impact sand making and shaping machine, so that subsequent customers can refer to it for purchase.

How many tons per hour is the output of the 1145 impact crushing and sand shaping machine?

The hourly output is 180-610 tons, including waterfall and center feed 180-355t/h, and full center feed 350-610t/h.
The 1145 impact crushing and sand shaping machine integrates multiple crushing modes into one. It has two functions of sand making and shaping. It has a deep cavity impeller design and a large throughput. It is divided into two types of feeding: full intermediate feeding and waterfall + intermediate feeding. Way, yield will vary. Users can reasonably choose the feeding method according to their actual production needs!

1145 impact crushing sand making machine technical parameter table
Impact crushing sand making machine 1145
Feed particle size ≤50mm
Discharge specification 0.25-0.5mm
Output 180-610t/h
Speed 1150-1300r/min
Motor power 4P 440kw
Length×width×height 5500×2700×3100mm

The above technical parameters of 1145 impact crushing sand making machine only represent CFTC machines. There will be certain differences in the technical parameters of equipment from different manufacturers. In addition, mining machinery and equipment are also constantly innovating and upgrading, and there will be some changes in the later values, so the specific information about 1145 impact Please refer to the actual manufacturer for product parameter values such as the output and motor power of the sand making and shaping machine.

How much does the 1145 impact crushing and sand shaping machine cost?

Reference quotation is 130,000 yuan!

Because each manufacturer's material selection, process and pricing standards are different, the prices of 1145 impact crushing sand making machines under different brands will vary greatly.
CFTC Machinery is a long-established mining machine manufacturer. The sand and gravel equipment it produces is exported to many overseas countries and has attracted much attention from industry insiders at home and abroad. Our 1145 impact sand making machine has excellent performance in terms of performance, material selection, and configuration. Equipment, and the sand making machine is sold directly by the manufacturer, without middlemen, and the price is favorable. If you want to get an accurate quotation, please consult us in detail.
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