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What are the gravel washing machine equipment? How much is it?


Gravel is made of natural rocks, pebbles or mine waste rocks by mechanical crushing and screening. The particle size is larger than 4.75mm, which may contain some impurities. A gravel cleaning machine will be selected for cleaning, and the soil and ash powder will be washed off. And screening operations to achieve the purpose of purification, what are the current gravel cleaning equipment? How much does it cost?
What are the gravel washing machine equipment? How much is it?

What are the gravel washing machine equipment?

Gravel cleaning machine is also called sand washing machine. Due to different shapes and principles, there are several types of wheel bucket sand cleaning machine and spiral sand cleaning machine, drum type, vibration type, bucket type, and cylinder type, etc., which are currently used in the market. The most widely used equipment is the bucket wheel type and the screw type, which can be reasonably selected according to the processing materials, output, scale, etc.

Wheel Bucket Sand Cleaning Machine

Processing capacity: 15-350t/h

Scope of application: washing of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials, such as river sand, stone powder, mountain sand, river pebbles, granite, etc. Working principle: The machine is composed of wheel bucket, machine base, transmission device, etc., Driven by the motor and reducer, the impeller in the water tank is driven to rotate circularly in the water tank, and the sandstone or slag particles in the water tank are placed in the water. Stir, turn over, elutriate and make the water-receiving material dehydrated in the impeller and then discharged.

At present, it is widely used in the market. It has three functions of cleaning, dehydration and impurity removal. It is developed in combination with the actual situation of the sand and gravel industry. There are single-wheel buckets, double-wheel buckets and three-wheel buckets. The equipment has simple structure, small size and large processing capacity. The loss of fine sand is small, and the service life is long. The screen is installed on the blade by bolt connection, and the particle size of the screened sand can be freely adjusted according to user requirements.

Spiral Sand Washing Machine

Processing capacity: 5-240t/h

Scope of application: washing operations of medium-fine-grained and coarse-grained materials, such as steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, etc. Working principle: A sedimentation tank is formed at the lower part of the inclined tank, the screw head is submerged in the sedimentation tank, the screw is driven by the motor through the reducer to rotate, and the cleaning water is fed from the bottom of the sedimentation tank to complete the cleaning. This machine is mainly used for a series of operations such as washing, grading, and impurity removal of various materials. There are single-screw and double-screw. It uses the screw to push the stones to separate the stones from water and soil. The cleaning is cleaner, but the output is slightly lower. It can be placed on a tilted, horizontal structure, and the material is turned over and cleaned for more time and times, so the cleaning effect is better, but the water consumption is also large, you can choose to build a sedimentation tank.

How much is the stone sand washing machine equipment?

The price of a stone washing machine generally ranges from a few thousand to a hundred thousand USD dollars. As for how much will it cost? It is recommended that you consult specific manufacturers, because in addition to different equipment types and models, enterprises are not exactly the same in material selection and workmanship requirements. In addition, the sales models are also different, so this will lead to different quotations for different brands in the market.

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