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What are the models of pebble sand making machines


Pebble sand making machine is very common in sand and gravel machine-made sand production lines. It is rich in resources and has good grain shape. It is a very qualified raw material for machine-made sand in sand and gravel aggregates. There are many types of cobblestone sand making machines. Especially the mobile sand making machine, It can meet the requirements of various scales of sand making plants.


HYPCD1620 heavy hammer crusher

HYPCD1620 hammer sand making machine feed particle size ≤ 700mm, max. production capacity is 380 tons/hour. And the design without grate makes the hammer sand making machine less likely to block the material, and can be used for sand with medium hardness and below. The stone is well treated. When the cobblestone is high in hardness, the stone can be stopped in time to observe the wear of the plate hammer at the end of the work operation. Generally speaking, the hammer sand making machine as a pebble sand making machine has the advantage of one-time crushing and forming, which saves a lot of cost, and that is the reason why many customers choose it.

VSI 9526 Sand Making Machine

VSI 9526 sand making machine has two feeding methods, which are divided into waterfall and center feeding and full center feeding. The hourly output is 200-380 tons and 100-190 tons respectively. It is often necessary for the production of machine-made sand. In the sand making production, the stone-for-iron method can be used to achieve mutual collision and friction between materials. The content of stone powder is small and the specifications of needle-shaped stone materials are small, with the advantages of shaping.

Mobile sand making plant

The mobile sand making plant is to install the hammer sand making machine and the impact sand making machine on a mobile frame, and move along with the sand making site migration. The mobile frame adopts a tire mobile crusher or a crawler mobile crusher. It can realize multiple transfer operations without fixed installation and save a lot of infrastructure costs. It is suitable for sand making sites in complex environments. The model of the mobile sand making machine can be determined by the main sand making machine installed, so it can meet the output of 300 tons per hour.

What is the price of a 300t/h pebble sand making machine ?

A cobblestone sand making machine with an output of 300 tons per hour is a large-scale sand making equipment. The price of the fixed type is more than 20,000; the mobile type is more than 400,000. You can consult CFTC for the specific price.

The cobblestone sand making machine produced by CFTC manufacturers has a full range of models and types, which can be selected by users with various production needs. The workshop has sufficient supply. Professional technicians can provide free selection guidance and equipment selection services according to the user's production situation.

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