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What equipment is needed for limestone sand making


Limestone is a kind of ore with abundant domestic resources. It has stable chemical properties and high compressive value. It is very suitable as a raw material for sand and stone. However, some people say that limestone has low hardness and is not suitable for sand making. Look at the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of limestone sand making, and if it is going to be put into production, what equipment is needed for limestone sand making?

Advantages and disadvantages of limestone sand making

Advantages of limestone sand making: The finished product is highly controllable. Regardless of the size, particle size or fineness modulus, it can be adjusted according to engineering requirements or user needs. The overall feature is that it has many edges and corners, rough surface, and uniform particle size, which can effectively Improve the adhesion with cement and other cementitious materials. In addition, the limestone resources are abundant and the mining cost is low, and the benefits for sand making are considerable.

Disadvantages of limestone sand making: part of the limestone is not strong enough, which will cause the produced sand to be unable to be used in construction projects. In addition, if the configuration and operation are improper, a large amount of stone powder is prone to be produced during the process of limestone sand making. Besides, the shape of the stone powder is not good and the mud content is high, and the concrete mixing plant cannot be used. What equipment is needed for limestone sand making?

As for the above mentioned the problem of limestone sand making configuration, in fact, as long as the equipment meets the characteristics of limestone, it can greatly avoid the phenomenon of excessive stone powder, such as impact crusher based on the impact crushing principle, and the impact of the "stone-on-rock" operation method. For details such as type crusher, please refer to the following case.

Limestone Sand Making Case Information

Output: 200t/h

Configuration: Jaw crusher + impact crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) + other auxiliary equipment Features: In this configuration scheme, the jaw crusher only needs to play the role of coarse crushing stably, while the impact crusher of the medium crushing is an important component to reduce the content of stone powder. Its crushing force is average and it is suitable for processing limestone, including impact crushers. The working principle of both is to use the material to hit the material, so the finished product has a cubic shape while the powder content is also low.

What is the price of limestone sand making equipment?

According to past cases, the price of a single limestone sand making equipment is generally tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. However, because there are many types and models of equipment to choose from, the detailed data can only be obtained by contacting the equipment manufacturer, click Consult online or make a call.

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