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Why should the machine-made sand be washed with water


Everyone knows that river sand should be washed with water to remove impurities. Why should machine-made sand be washed with water? What equipment is needed for sand washing? Please see below for details.

Why should the machine-made sand be washed with water?

Why should the machine-made sand be washed with water? This is because in the process of producing machine-made sand, the soil carried by the raw materials and the stone powder produced by crushing will affect the quality of the finished product. To meet the mud content and powder content standards of construction sand, washing with water is a simpler and more convenient method.

However, it does not mean that the machine-made sand must be washed with water. If the mud content of the raw materials is not high, or the requirements for the finished product are not so much, it is not necessary to wash it with water. The specific conditions and needs shall prevail.

What equipment is needed for sand washing?

1. Wheel sand washing machine

Processing capacity: 15-260t/h

The working principle of the wheel-type sand washing machine is to use the transmission to carry out the friction between the sand and then wash away the impurities with water. The cleaned sand meets the standards for preparing high-strength concrete, and the market price can reach more than 100 yuan/ton. The advantage of the wheel sand washing machine is that the whole machine has almost no wearing parts except the screen. In addition, the special design of the transmission parts makes it low in operating cost and low failure rate. There are more than one wheel, two wheels, and three wheels. Various crafts are available for selection and support customization.

2. Fine sand recovery machine

Fine sand recovery machine, also known as tailings recovery machine, fine sand collection machine, sand-water mixture treatment system, the main function is to dehydrate, de-slim, and de-intermediate the slurry material. The equipment can solve the deviation of the fineness modulus of the finished sand. The problem of high and low stone powder content can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand. If it is just water-washing machine-made sand, the above two equipments are enough. The sand washing machine is responsible for removing soil, stone powder, etc., and the fine sand recovery machine is responsible for recovering fine sand to further increase revenue. But if you want to make and wash sand, more equipment is needed, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, feeder, vibrating screen and so on.

How much is a sand washing equipment?

The price of sand washing equipment has a certain relationship with its model specifications, manufacturers and regions. This is why there is no detailed quotation in the market. How to obtain an accurate quotation for sand washing equipment? In fact, you only need to click on the online consultation or dial the phone to directly contact the manufacturer to understand the quotation and production plan.

In fact, the overall structure of the sand washing equipment is not complicated, so the cost is not particularly high. A single unit is about thousands of dollars. The customized or larger output will be more expensive. Relatively speaking, the quality is more important than the price, not necessarily. Shop around, but it’s best to check it out.

Which sand washing equipment manufacturer is better?

After determining the required equipment and price, the next step is the manufacturer. The recommended supplier here is CFTC, a large manufacturer specializing in the production of mining equipment. Not only does it have various types of sand washing equipment, but also supports users to visit the factory, as well as a series of after-sales service, please feel free to contact us.

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