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Ballast stone crusher equipment introduction


In fact, this kind of stone-paved railroad track is called a ballasted track. Ballasted track refers to a track whose foundation is a rocky granular bed under the track. It is one of the main forms of track structure, and that layer of stone is the protagonist of this article— -Road ballast. What kind of stone can be used as ballast?

Ballast refers to the gravel used to pave roads and railway subgrades, which mainly play the role of supporting, buffering, and drainage. Ballast is crushed and sieved from open mountain rocks, and its needle index, flake index, weathered particles, surface cleanliness and other aspects can be put into use before it meets specific requirements. According to material performance and parameter indicators, it is classified into first class and secondary class ballast according to regulations.

Granite and basalt are commonly used raw materials for ballast. Granite has the characteristics of hard texture, resistance to weathering, elasticity, and good drainage performance. Besides, ballast has the advantages of wear resistance, low draught, strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt adhesion. They are both good cornerstones in the construction of railways and highways.

Ballast stone crusher equipment introduction

The production of ballast needs to be crushed and screened before it can be obtained. It mainly includes three parts: coarse crushing, medium crushing and screening. The production process is: raw material → jaw crusher → cone crusher → vibrating screen → belt conveyor → Ballast and gravel.

Jaw crusher (primary crushing)

Jaw crusher is also called "Tiger mouth". It is the nemesis of large materials. It can process a variety of stones with a compressive particle size of no more than 320MPa. The production capacity of jaw crusher is between 1-1200t/h, covering many Various models and configurations, such as PEX jaw crusher, CJ European version jaw crusher, etc., which can meet different production needs.

Cone crusher (secondary crushing)

The cone crusher is a crushing equipment with strong crushing ability, low operating cost, and capable of medium and fine crushing of various hard rocks. It adopts the principle of laminated crushing for crushing, and the finished sand and gravel produced are of uniform size. The main shaft of the cone crusher adopts wear-resistant steel and cast steel technology, which has strong wear resistance and low failure rate.

Vibrating screen (screening equipment)

After the material is crushed, it needs to be screened and processed by a vibrating screen. Commonly used screening equipment include: YK circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, mobile screening machine, etc.

Belt conveyor (conveying equipment)

Belt conveyors are mainly used to convey loose materials or finished items. They can be conveyed by a single unit, or multiple units or combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system. It has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, and convenient maintenance. The above is the introduction of the ballast production process and production equipment. CFTC has focused on mining machinery research and development for many years. The equipment produced can meet the production needs of various production lines such as crushing, sand making, and sand washing. The equipment models are complete and the production technology is mature. If you are interested, please click on the online consultation to learn more! The configuration of the production line, equipment installation, debugging, maintenance, CFTC can solve all of them for you.

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