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Large stone crusher price_mining crushing machinery manufacturers recommendation


The sales volume of large-scale stone crusher equipment has been increasing, and the market demand has increased greatly. Today we will introduce the types, prices and manufacturer recommendations of large-scale stone crusher equipment.

Types of large-scale stone crusher equipment and their price

The output of large-scale stone crusher equipment is mostly over 500 tons. The price of different types and models of equipment varies greatly. The more advanced the same type of equipment, the higher the price. At present, the price of large-scale stone crusher equipment on the market is different, the following introduces several types of equipment with good sales.

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is commonly used coarse crushing equipment, and the output of large-scale jaw crusher is 500-1590t/h, the feed size is below 1200mm. Besides, its crushing ratio is large, the work is reliable, and the operating cost is economical. It serves as the primary crushing equipment in the stone crushing production line.

2. Impact crusher

Among the medium crushing equipment, it belongs to the better type of discharge particle size, which has a shaping effect, and has a good treatment effect for soft materials. The output of the large impact crusher is between 500-2000t/h and the feed size is below 800mm.

3. Cone crusher

It is also a kind of medium crushing equipment. It adopts the principle of laminated crushing. It has good crushing effect for high hardness materials, strong wear resistance, high automation, and large output. The output of large cone crushers is 500-2181t/h, and the feed size is up to 560mm. There are single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher and compound cone crusher series to choose from.

4. Heavy hammer crusher

This machine is a very cost-effective equipment. It can crush materials below 1500mm into gravels at a time, saving 40% of the cost. The output of the large hammer crusher is 500-3000t/h. If the user has not strict requirement on the particle size of the finished stone, this equipment is definitely a cost-effective choice for large stone factories.

Recommendation of large mine crushing equipment manufacturers

The price of a single piece of equipment for a large stone crusher is hundreds of thousands Chinese yuan. If a stone production line is established, the investment will be higher, and this is a long-term investment. The quality of the equipment must pass, otherwise the later three days will be delayed. The construction period increases maintenance costs. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the manufacturer for more inspections when purchasing equipment, and consider the quality of the equipment, the strength of the manufacturer, and the comprehensive price.

All equipment of CFTC company is made of high-quality steel, and each production process is strictly controlled. The quality of the equipment is reliable, and through the refined production process, the production cost is reduced, the equipment quotation is more favorable, the manufacturer’s equipment models are complete, the whole process sales tracking service is provided, and the installation and commissioning are free. All our equipment has one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Customers are welcome to consult and purchase.

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