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Hydraulic open-box sand making machine VS vertical compound sand crusher


Both hydraulic open-box sand making machines and vertical compound sand crusher are used to produce machine-made sand, and are also suitable for small and medium-sized sand and gravel plants. In this case, many users often need to choose between the two. So, should they choose a hydraulic sand making machine or a vertical compound sand crusher? This article clarifies the advantages and disadvantages of the two in detail. Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic opening sand making machine

Another name of the hydraulic opening sand making machine may be known more, that is, the fine impact crusher. Because it is difficult to replace the hammer head, the fine impact crusher is equipped with a hydraulic device, which makes it more convenient to open the box to replace the hammer head liner, so it is usually called a hydraulic open-box sand making machine.

Advantages of hydraulic opening box sand making machine

1. Less wear and durability: In the sand making process, the stone can form a protective lining. The process of material crushing is actually the impact and crushing of the stones on their own, without direct contact with metal components, thus reducing the wear of equipment components.

2. Significant energy saving and low production cost: The size of the inlet and outlet is adjustable, which can crush the materials to different degrees and reduce energy consumption. After small pieces of material are processed by the sand making machine, they can become qualified sand and gravel materials without the need for additional process.

3. Exquisite workmanship and high wear resistance of components: The hammer head is made of high-strength steel, which has good wear resistance, and its impact strength and toughness are high. The frame is welded firmly and reliably, avoiding large-scale vibration during work, the overall failure rate of the equipment is low, and the service life is long.

4. Good sealing and green production: Water-sealed parts are adopted, with a reasonable and compact structure, which can effectively reduce the gap between parts and prevent dust from entering. The ingenious air circulation inside the vortex cavity has low dust and low noise, realizing environmentally friendly and green production. Disadvantages of hydraulic unpacking sand making machine

The shortcoming of the hydraulic unpacking sand making machine is that the grate strips and the hammer head will wear too fast when crushing hard materials, and need frequent maintenance and timely repair.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical compound sand crusher

The vertical compound sand crusher is also a vertical composite crusher. It is improved on the basis of PCL sand making machine. It integrates the advantages of hammer crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers and other crushing equipment. It is suitable for crushing medium-hard materials. It is an ideal ultrafine crushing equipment. It is used for the secondary crushing and fine crushing of materials in the industrial sectors such as building materials, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, electric power, coal, etc. It can reduce the particle size of the mill and increase the output of the mill by 35-45%.

Advantages of vertical compound sand crusher

1. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the operating cost is low. Utilizing the stone-to-stone principle, the body of the equipment has little wear, high crushing efficiency and energy saving.

2. It has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding.

3. There is no screen strip device, which is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and can crush medium-hard stones with a moisture content of less than 8%, and is not easy to be blocked.

4. Good airtightness and less dust pollution.

5. The products are cubes with high bulk density, low iron pollution and high sand formation rate. Disadvantages of vertical compound sand crusher Installation and maintenance are more complicated, but the maintenance of other types of mining machinery and equipment is equally complicated.

How to choose hydraulic opening box sand making machine and vertical compound sand crusher?

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic open-box sand making machine and the vertical compound sand crusher, how would you choose? CFTC company recommends that you can comprehensively compare and analyze the raw material performance, production capacity, discharge effect, terrain conditions, investment budget and other aspects.

For example, if the raw material is brittle and fragile stone, use a vertical compound sand making machine. If the stone has high hardness or there are more mixed materials, choose a new hydraulic open-box sand making machine. It's that simple. If your situation is complicated and special, in order to protect your rights and interests, it is recommended that you leave it to the manufacturer to choose a more appropriate one for you, and leave professional things to professional people to do more with less.

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