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What is the current price of the roller crusher


The pair-roll crusher is also called the double roller crusher or the pair-roll sand making machine. It is an older type of crusher and is considered the "old predecessor" of the crusher industry. Over the years, various new types of crushers have emerged one after another, but the sales of roller crushers are still considerable and have not been eliminated by the market. Why? Before entering the topic, let's briefly introduce the roller crusher.

Feeding size: ≤30mm

Production capacity: 5-110T/H

Applicable materials: river stone, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, coal gangue, etc.

Why is the roller crusher not eliminated by the market?

The roller crusher has not been eliminated by the market for so many years, depending on its own performance characteristics:

1. The roller crusher has simple structure, small space occupation and convenient maintenance.

2. Wear-resistant liners are installed on the grinding rollers, and advanced wear-resistant materials are used, so the double roller crusher has a long service life.

3. High production efficiency and low energy consumption. The discharge particle size can be adjusted by adjusting the roll gap to meet the different production needs of users.

4. The double roll crusher is equipped with a dust-proof board to prevent dust from splashing around, which is green and environmentally friendly.

5. The roller crusher is equipped with protective devices, which is reliable in operation.

What is the current price of the roller crusher?

The market price of roller crushers generally ranges from 4,000 to 20,000USD, because there are many models of roller crushers, and the capacity and feed size of different models are different, and the price will also be different. Besides, the equipment quality, production cost and manufacturer will also affect the price of roller crusher, so the specific price cannot be given here.

On-the-spot direct sale of roller crusher manufacturers

Buying a pair of roller crushers is recommended to go to the CFTC company. CFTC company is a stone crushing equipment manufacturer with many years of production experience. The stock is sufficient, the factory sells directly, there is no middleman to make the difference, and the price is affordable. You can also make an appointment in advance to the factory for inspection and special car transfer .

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