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What are the advantages of energy-saving ball mills over traditional ball mills


Speaking of the energy-saving beneficiation ball mills, it is no stranger to mining enterprises. After all, they are inseparable from the ball mill. Today, CFTC company will introduce the difference between the advanced ball mill and the traditional ball mill in detail.

The reducer of the traditional beneficiation ball mill uses a single-stage gear, which uses an open transmission, that is, the power is transmitted around the cylinder through the meshing of large and small gears. Such a transmission method causes a lot of dust in the grinding workshop, and foreign matter such as impurities easily enters the gear gap. It also causes inconvenience to the addition of lubricating oil and is prone to oil leakage. The poor meshing conditions between gears, coupled with the resistance generated by impurities, reduce the transmission efficiency and increase the noise.

With he central transmission system, the energy-saving beneficiation ball mill has a compact overall structure, stable operation of the mill, and significantly reduced noise, which is convenient for daily maintenance. The transmission efficiency is significantly improved, reaching more than 95%, which is 7.3% higher than that of the traditional beneficiation ball mill, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. The central transmission system makes the ball mill easy to repair and maintain, and at the same time prolongs the service life and reduces the manufacturing cost of the mill.

Failure judgment of energy-saving ball mill

The bearing is hot, check for oil shortage. The main engine bearing and pinion shaft bearing are lubricated with grease, and the reducer is lubricated with oil. If there is no shortage of oil, check the concentricity of each part, check the main engine and the transmission part respectively. The large bearing seat is not concentric with the hollow shaft, causing friction and heat generation between the drive shaft and the bearing gland. If the reducer and the pinion shaft are not concentric, the reducer and the motor are not concentric, which will cause the bearing to overload and generate heat. When the hollow shaft and the large bearing seat are seriously misaligned, it will cause difficulties in starting, power consumption during operation, and heat generation of the motor. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the

concentricity of each part during installation.

To better operate the energy-saving beneficiation ball mill, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of its possible failures. In this way, the problem can be solved as soon as possible, and also avoid affecting the production schedule. If you want to know more about the ball mill, you can talk with the online service.

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