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How much is a sand washing machine


The sand washing machine is a special washing equipment used for cleaning and impurity removal of artificial sand and natural sand. It is widely used in mining, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy, hydropower station, glass factory, construction, building materials and many other fields. It has advantages of long service life, easy maintenance, low cost, large processing capacity, high cleaning degree, good dehydration effect, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. Therefore, it is one of the most popular and concerned equipment in the industry.

There are various types of sand washing machines. When purchasing equipment, customers must choose the appropriate type of equipment that matches the production needs to better meet production needs, avoid production waste and reduce costs. How much is a sand washer? How to choose the model of sand washing machine?

Points when selecting a sand washing machine

When choosing a sand washing machine model that suits them, customers should consider from many aspects, usually including fine sand (sand) properties, site size, finished product standards, etc. The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. Sand properties: First, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the processed material (fine sand), such as its shape, particle size, water content, hardness, etc., and combine these to make preliminary model selection;

2. Site scale: Investors must have a certain understanding of their own site scale, such as hourly output, site area, etc., so as not to choose too large or too small equipment to affect the normal operation of the production line;

3. Finished product standards: cleanliness, dehydration, hourly output, etc. are all requirements and standards for finished sand. Customers should strictly follow these to choose more suitable equipment models.

How much is a sand washing machine? What are the price factors?

There are many manufacturers of sand washing machines on the market, and the quotations given by each are naturally different. In addition, there are many types of sand washing machines, such as spiral sand washing machines, wheel sand washing machines and three-in-one washing machines. There are three types of sand washing machines. These three types of sand washing machines are different and the prices are also different. Generally speaking, the price of a wheel-type sand washer with a simple structure and a small footprint is cheaper. The price of a single sand washer ranges from 6,000 to 50,000USD. The specific price should be based on the model of the sand washer and the customer’s production demand.

1. Types of sand washing machine

From the above, it can be seen that there are various types of sand washing plants, and different types of sand washing plants have different processing capabilities. Generally speaking, the larger the model, the greater the processing capacity and the higher the manufacturer’s production cost.

2. Sales model of sand washing machine manufacturers

Secondly, the sales mode of different manufacturers will also affect the price of sand washer equipment. Generally speaking, the price of sand washer equipment of agent manufacturers will be more expensive than that of direct-sale sand washer manufacturers.

3. Production cost of sand washing machine

The cost input and price of sand washer equipment are closely related. Generally speaking, the higher the material cost, production technology cost, and labor cost of sand washer manufacturers in the production process, the higher the price of sand washer equipment.

At present, the sand washer equipment produced in China has a wide range of applications. It can be used for cleaning sand and gravel materials in various industries such as sand and gravel plants, construction sites, and concrete aggregates. The performance of the sand washer is stable and can be applied to various harsh working environment. CFTC reminds customers that when buying a sand washing machine, they must select the appropriate model of equipment strictly according to their needs.

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