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What are the machines for crushing stones? How much does it cost?


Stone crushing machines are also called stone crushers. They mainly process various large pieces of stones into different specifications. They have high output, convenient operation, environmental protection and energy saving. At present, there are many types of equipment on the market. What are the specific ones? How much does it cost? Next, I will introduce it to you in detail.
What are the machines for crushing stones? How much does it cost?

What are the machines for crushing stones?

At present, according to the working method, the structural characteristics of the machine and the particle size of the input and output, there are more than a dozen types of machines for crushing stones, such as jaw crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, fine impact crushers, compound crushers., double-roll crusher, etc. And the output of crusher 1-3000 tons per hour, there are hundreds of models, which one to choose, combined with actual needs, the following introduces several common equipment for you.

Jaw Crusher

It is often used for coarser crushing. It adopts the working principle of extrusion crushing and is suitable for materials with a compressive strength of 147-350 MPa. Its crushing cavity is deep and has no dead zone. It uses super-large bearings and forged main shafts, which can bear more crushing force and increase crushing capacity. The upper flywheel is designed to reduce vibration and run more smoothly, and the hydraulic design is also carried out, which has reliable performance and low failure rate. The discharge port gasket is adjusted and the finished product specifications are complete.

Impact crusher

Commonly used in secondary crushing, suitable for medium hardness and soft materials, such as limestone, coal gangue, etc., using impact to crush materials, repeated impact between the blow bar and impact plate for crushing, new structure design, strong machine rigidity, large rotor The moment of inertia is high, and the finished product is in the form of a cube with a good grain shape.

Cone Crusher

It is also suitable for secondary crushing, and cone crusher is more suitable for harder materials, such as basalt, granite, etc., with a new crusher structure, laminated crushing chamber type, plus hydraulic motors to adjust the discharge opening, easy to adjust, fully intelligent automatic control system, Equipped with a remote touch screen operation interface, it is easy to realize safety protection, and all parts can be disassembled from the upper part and the side, and the replacement is quick and convenient.

Hammer Crusher

It is suitable for medium hardness and brittle materials, especially limestone and medium hardness stones with compressive strength lower than 200Mpa. The material is crushed by the impact of the hammer head. The modular design can achieve coarse The conversion of , medium and fine crushing eliminates the primary crushing process, and no longer requires the secondary crushing and shaping process. The finished product is less powdery, which improves production efficiency and relatively reduces costs.

How much is a stone crusher?

Regarding the price of stone crushing machines, according to the current market, it usually ranges from tens of thousands to millions. In addition to the equipment type and output, it is also related to its material selection and manufacturing process. Because there are many manufacturers and sales channels It is different from the time of purchase, so check carefully.

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