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What’s The Motor Power Of 900 Spring Cone Crusher


How important is the motor to the mine crusher? It is understood that the periodic effective maintenance of the motor can not only prevent the occurrence of predictable failures, but also increase the service life of the motor and the entire set of machinery and equipment, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency. The correct selection of motor power is one of the prerequisites for the stable operation of the 900 spring cone crusher, continuous production and fewer failures. So how much motor power is normally used for 900 cone crusher?


Motor Power of 900 Cone Crusher

The 900 cone crusher is divided into three models in the market: standard, short head and medium cone crushing cones. Each model corresponds to a different production capacity range. Will the motor power used be the same? It can be found in the technical parameter table of the cone crusher that we give, whether the model is PYB900, PYZ900, or model PYD900, the cone crusher is equipped with a motor power of 8P 55kw. For the specific inlet and outlet dimensions of the 900 cone crusher, production capacity, diameter of the large end of the crushing cone,

The importance of the quality of the motor equipped with 900 cone crusher

The motor is the driving force of the crusher. In layman's terms, the motor is the "heart" of the entire 900 cone crusher. If the quality of the motor is not good, various problems will easily occur during the working process, causing downtime and increasing customer losses. Our 900 cone crusher produced uses branded motors. The advantages of branded motors are unmatched by unbranded products on the market.

1. With a higher efficiency level, it can greatly increase the useful power of the motor and reduce the customer's production cost.

2. It has a high level of protection to ensure safe and reliable use by customers.

3. Strong insulation performance, long service life of the motor, and the brand motor uses high-performance bearings and lubrication, high temperature resistance, and can run reliably for a long time.

In addition, we also have professional after-sales personnel to provide customers with equipment repairs and maintenance to ensure that customers can proceed smoothly in their daily production, with high yields and high returns.

CFTC has decades of experience in the production of cone crushers. Our 900 cone crusher equipment has a large crushing ratio, low consumption of wearing parts, low operating costs, excellent grain shape, fewer failures, and downtime. Less time, environmental protection and energy saving is very good. More importantly, the price of our 900 cone crusher also makes customers worry-free, one set is also the ex-factory price, which is very reasonable and affordable. Click on the online consultation, you can contact us at any time.

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