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Heat-resistant Steel Castings

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Heat-resistant Steel Castings Overview:

Heat-resistant steel refers to alloy steel with high strength and good chemical stability at high temperatures. The development of heat-resistant steel castings is closely related to the technological progress of power plants, boilers, gas turbines, internal combustion engines, aero engines and other industries. As the differences of work temperatures and stresses, and the various operating conditions, so there are different kinds of heat-resistant steel castings. In order to meet the continuous development of various working conditions, heat-resistant steel castings are constantly evolving, from the earliest low carbon steel and low alloy steel, to the high-alloy heat-resistant steel of complex composition and multi-alloyed.


1.Heat-resistant steel castings of cement industry

Heat-resistant steel castings of cement industry mainly include grate plate of grate cooler, grate cooler, preheater inner barrel of cement kiln, hanging plate of preheater, anchor, guard plate of kiln mouth, guard plate of kiln tail, flap valve, valve plate, sealing strip, layer plate, blind pate, feed bucket, dispersion plate, guide rail, strip, lifting hopper, steel ball, tower top, chain, feeding scraper-though conveyor, standard components, etc.

2. Heat-resistant steel castings of heat treatment industry

Heat-resistant steel castings of heat treatment industry mainly include magnesium metallurgy port, centrifugal casting pipe, electric radiant pipe, furnace pipe of roasting furnace, electric heater, material plate, furnace pot, tooling rack, high temperature net belt, stainless steel stamping parts, resistance wire, bin, furnace bottom plate, agitation fan, muffle tank, pushing clamp plate, etc.

3. Heat-resistant steel castings of power industry

Heat-resistant steel castings of power industry mainly include high temperature nozzle, high temperature wind cap, coal transportation pipe, pipe bending, joint of coal spraying pipe, superheater, coal-shaped plate, wear resistant lining plate, air nozzle end joint, etc.

4. Heat-resistant steel castings of metallurgical industry

Heat-resistant steel castings of metallurgical industry mainly include furnace bottom roller, roller guider, punching guide plate, sliding rail, lifting arm of sink roll, sieve plate for industrial use, guide plate, fire grate, steel spout, lining plate, grating machine, spading plate, high temperature sliding rail, grate plate, melting, high temperature sliding block, etc.

5. Heat-resistant castings of chemical industry

Heat-resistant castings of chemical industry mainly include high temperature wind cap, heat exchanger, support of superheater, cracking tail, reformer tube, tube plate, protective jacket of thermocouple, etc.

6. Super strong strength ceramic inner barrel

The heat-resistant steel castings can substitute for ceramic inner barrel, hanging plate, connecting bolt made of traditional heat-resistant steel materials.

Item Materials Applicable temperature Item Materials Applicable temperature
1 ZG40Cr9Si2 800°C 9 ZG35Cr30Ni20 1150°C
2 ZG10Cr18Ni9Ti 850°C 10 ZG35Cr24Ni18Si2 1100°C
3 ZG35Cr24Ni7Si2N 1100°C 11 ZG45Cr26Ni35 1150°C
4 ZG30Cr26Ni5 1050°C 12 ZG40Cr28Ni48W5Si2 1200°C
5 ZG30Cr20Ni10 900°C 13 ZG35Cr24Ni7NRE 1100°C
6 ZG35Cr26Ni12Si 1100°C 14 ZG40CrmnMoNi 400°C
7 ZG40Cr28Ni16 1150°C 15 ZG35Cr20Ni80 400°C
8 ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2 1150°C 16 ZG20Cr15Ni16 1150°C

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