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Rotary kiln

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Feeding size:

Applications:cement metallurgy, steel, chemical, refractory, ceramsite industries.

Rotary kiln Overview:

Rotary kiln is a high-temperature processing device used to heat materials to high temperatures through kneading in a continuous process. Materials produced using rotary kilns include: cement, lime, refractory materials, metakaolin, titanium dioxide, alumina, vermiculite, iron ore pellets, etc. It can also be used in the front-end of metal extraction, preparing ore for smelting by roasting various sulfide ores.

Rotary kiln Features:

Supporting Device: it adopts advanced main shaft structure, automatic temperature measuring device and electrical heating device. And it has optional flow support.

Thrust roller: It has mechanical type and hydraulic type. The hydraulic thrust roller is equipped with advanced hydraulic controlling system.

Drive device: It has single drive or double drive. The adjustable-speed motor, DC motor or frequency variable motor control kiln rotation speed. And has features of reliable running and high efficiency.

Tyre shim: The shim under tyre has fixed type and adjustable type. The adjustable shim has features of simple structure, easy replacement and maintenance without any damage to shell.

Sealing device: Various types of sealing device are available for different kiln, such as cylinder tighten sealing, spring tighten sealing, graphite block sealing, spring graphite, fish scale type seal etc, which has good sealing effect.

Kiln head hood: It has fixed type and flexible type.

rotary kilin parts

Rotary kiln Working Principle :

Material will be feed into kiln tail through chute in gas chamber. As kiln shell is inclined and it rotates slightly, material will move along round shell and will also move along shaft direction from kiln tail to kiln head. Material will be processed through pre-heat, decompose, calcined and will be feed into cooler. Fuel will be given through gas or coal burner at kiln head and will be combusted in kiln. Heat will be transferred to material by fire radiate, hot air flow, kiln brick transfer. The heat will heat and calcine material enough and make it final product.

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Model Output (t/d) Main Drive (r/min) Motor (kW) Regulating Range (r/min) Gearbox Velocity Ratio Weight (t)
Φ2.2×50 96 0.125-1.25 30 132-1320 157 130.71
Φ2.5×50 130 0.516-1.549 55 440-1320 99.96 167.5
Φ3×48 850 0.3309-3.309 90 100-1000 32.11 237
Φ3.2×48 1000 0.375-3.75 160 100-1000 27.469 252
Φ3.2×50 1200 0.398-3.975 190 150-1500 40.85 263
Φ3.3×52 1200 0.391-3.91 190 100-1000 27.707 280.8
Φ4×60 2500 0.396-3.96 315 100-1000 34.601 487.5
Φ4.2×60 2800 0.4165-4.165 420 100-1000 35.526 576.1
Φ4.3×62 3000 0.398-3.98 420 100-1000 35.714 598.5
Φ4.3×64 3200 0.449~4.49 450 100~1000 24.365 585
Φ4.5×66 4000 0.41~4.1 630 100~1000 34.069 710.4
Φ4.8×70 5000~5500 0.4~4.0 630 100-1000 30.876 845.3
Φ4.8×72 5000 0.403~4.03 560 100~1000 30.365 847
Φ4.8×74 5000 0.35~4 630 130~1500 42.226 841

Note: The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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