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Circular Vibrating Screen

Quick Details
Feeding size:
1-4 Sieve

Materials:building materials,water conservancy,and chemical industry.

Circular Vibrating Screen Overview:

Circular vibrating screen is a kind of screening equipment with multiple layers of screen and circular vibrating track. The flow distance of raw materials on the screens is long, the screening grades are multiple, and the screening effect is excellent. It adopts the adjustable drum exciter and eccentric shaft with counterweight wheels. It has advantages of reliable structure, powerful exciting force, high screening efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance, safety, etc.

Circular Vibrating Screen Features:

1.The cylinder eccentric shaft and eccentric block are adopted to adjust the amplitude, effectively increasing the excitation force and production capacity;
2.Long sieving can effectively improve screening efficiency and evenness;
3.Customized design can achieve kinds of screening specifications;
4.Adopt the spring steel for woven mesh with long service life and not easy to plug holes. Punching hole mesh, polyurethane and other materials are optiona.

Working Principle :

Circular vibrating screen uses the motor driving two pairs of exciters on the both sides of screen box through the couplings with rubber type element. The two pairs of exciters, connecting with the universal joint coupling in the middle, rotate synchronously under the unequal centrifugal force. Under the action of the exciters and the spring group, the screen box can be vibrated in full amplitude by the near circular track. Meanwhile, the raw materials on the screens are thrown under the action of the screen box vibrating. During the process of raw materials jumping and rolling forward, the materials smaller than the sieve mesh will fall down layer by layer until out of the screen box.



Sieve obliquity(°) Screen area(m²) Vibrate frequency(r/min)

Power(kW) Transport size(L×W×H)(mm)  
YK1235 1 15 4.2 970 6.0-8.0 20-180 5.5 3790x1847x1010
2YK1235 2 5.5 4299×1868×1290
3YK1235 3 7.5 4393×1868×1640
4YK1235 4 11 4500×1967×2040
YK1545 1 17.5 6.75 970 6.0-8.0 25-240 11 5030×2200×1278
2YK1545 2 11 5767×2270×1550
3YK1545 3 11 5874×2270×1885
4YK1545 4 18.5 5994×2270×2220
YK1548 1 17.5 7.2 970 6.0-8.0 28-270 15 5330×2228×1278
2YK1548 2 15 5174×2270×1885
3YK1548 3 15 6067×2270×1557
4YK1548 4 18.5 6294×2270×2220
YK1860 1 20 10.8 970 6.0-8.0 32-350 15 6536×2560×1478
2YK1860 2 18.5 6826×2570×1510
3YK1860 3 18.5 7145×2570×1910
4YK1860 4 22 7246×2660×2244
YK2160 1 20 12.6 970 6.0-8.0 40-720 18.5 6535×2860×1468
2YK2160 2 22 6700×2870×1560
3YK2160 3 20 7146×2960×1960
4YK2160 4 30 7254×2960×2205
YK2460 1 20 14.4 970 6.0-8.0 50-750 18.5 6535×3210×1468
2YK2460 2 970 30 7058×3310×1760
3YK2460 3 840 30 7223×3353×2220
4YK2460 4 840 30 7343×3893×2445
YK2475 1 20 18 970 6.0-8.0 60-850 20 7995×3300×1552
2YK2475 2 840 30 8863×3353×1804
3YK2475 3 840 37 8854×3353×2220
4YK2475 4 840 45 8878×3384×2520

Note: The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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