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CFTC’s Exhibition Trip To Russia


Recently, CFTC made its grand appearance at the 28th Mining World Russia. With its excellent product line and professional service team, it attracted the attention of many customers. At the exhibition site, the company received several waves of customers from all over the world, demonstrating its strong strength and profound heritage in the field of mining machinery.

At the beginning of the exhibition, the company's booth attracted the attention of many customers. The booth layout is both grand and exquisite, fully demonstrating the company's brand image and product features. The staff warmly receives every customer, patiently answers their questions, and introduces the product's performance, advantages and application scenarios in detail.

During the exhibition, a mining machinery company also held a number of product launches and technical seminars. The company's technical experts gave a detailed interpretation of the latest developed products and demonstrated its innovative achievements in the field of mining machinery. Customers have expressed strong interest in these new products and have inquired about purchasing them.
For CFTC, this exhibition is not only an opportunity to demonstrate its strength, but also an opportunity to communicate in depth with customers and expand the market. The company will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen product research and development, improve service quality, and contribute more to the development of the mining machinery industry.
Looking to the future, CFTC will continue to uphold its mission of “leading through innovation and serving the society”, constantly pursue excellence, and provide customers with better products and services. At the same time, the company will also actively participate in various industry exhibitions, establish cooperative relationships with more customers, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the mining machinery industry.

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